Track 1 - The Old South

The home of magnolia blossoms and live oaks; also, for most of the streamliner era, the stronghold of segregation and "Jim Crow". Southern railways and their passenger services were a breed apart.

Note: Trains from outside this region which offered direct through service to Florida points (Miami/Tampa/St. Petersburg) will be found on Track 2. Trains which terminated in Jacksonville or served northern and Panhandle Florida points were formerly located here, but have now been moved to Track 2 as well.


The Trains:

The Birmingham Special

The train which inspired the classic Big Band tune, Chattanooga Choo-Choo, was a cooperative venture of the Pennsylvania, Southern, and Norfolk & Western between New York/Washington and Birmingham via Roanoke and Chattanooga.
Birmingham Special - December, 1941

The Carolina Special

This Southern Railway train linked Cincinnati with North (Winston-Salem and Greensboro) and South (Columbia) Carolina, via Knoxville and Asheville.
Carolina Special - October, 1964 

The City of Memphis

While it would (officially) retain its name for only a few short years, this service operated between Nashville & Memphis by the Nashville, Chattanooga & St. Louis would last until the railroad was merged into L. & N. in 1957.
City of Memphis - August, 1950

The City of New Orleans

The daylight companion train to the Illinois Central's Panama Limited on the run between Chicago and New Orleans. Later to be immortalized in a Steve Goodman song.
City of New Orleans - June, 1947
City of New Orleans - April, 1971

The Crescent

In its original incarnation, this train connecting New York and New Orleans by way of Atlanta and Mobile was a cooperative venture between four railroads: the Pennsylvania, Southern, the Atlanta & West Point, and the Louisville & Nashville--but it was always Southern's "baby". After the other railroads pulled out, Southern continued it on their own on a Washington-Atlanta-Birmingham-New Orleans routing well into Amtrak days.
The Crescent - August, 1950
Southern Crescent - April, 1971
Southern Crescent - March, 1973

The George Washington

A premium service via the Chesapeake & Ohio's main line from Washington and Norfolk/Newport News to Cincinnati, Ohio. Later extended to St. Louis after the B. & O. takeover.
George Washington/Sportsman/F. F. V. - June 1967

The Georgian

Louisville & Nashville's streamliner service between St. Louis and Atlanta, with a Chicago connection operated by C. & E. I.
The Georgian - August, 1963

The Gulf Coast Rebel

A franchise cousin to the original Rebel below, Gulf, Mobile & Ohio operated this streamliner service from St. Louis to Mobile, Alabama with a through sleeper for Montgomery.
Gulf Coast Rebel - August, 1950

The Humming Bird

Louisville & Nashville's overnight streamliner service between Cincinnati and New Orleans. Later would add a Chicago connection via C. & E. I.
Humming Bird - June, 1947
Humming Bird - August, 1963

The Pan-American

Louisville & Nashville's premium service between Cincinnati and New Orleans, with a section (the "Memphis Pan") connecting Cincinnati, Louisville and Memphis.
Pan-American - January, 1927
Pan-American - July, 1954

The Piedmont Limited

Originally Southern's premium train on the New York-New Orleans run, then positioned as the sister train to the Crescent Limited once that train made its debut. Handled coach passengers between Atlanta and the Northeast during the years the Crescent was all-Pullman north of Atlanta. Ended its days in the Amtrak era as an all-coach day train between Washington and Atlanta.
The Piedmont/Trains 7 & 8/Trains 3 & 4 - March, 1973

The Powhatan Arrow

Norfolk and Western created this all-day all-coach train connecting the Virginia tidewater to Cincinnati, Ohio.
Powhatan Arrow - August, 1950

The Rebel

The first true streamliner in the South, the Rebel provided overnight service between Jackson, Tennessee and New Orleans. Additional service later extended to Mobile, Alabama.
The Rebel - September, 1938
The Rebel - April, 1953

The Silver Comet

The Seaboard Air Line offered this service from New York and Washington (via the Pennsylvania and R. F . & P.) to Atlanta and Birmingham.
Silver Comet - June, 1947

The Southern Belle

Kansas City Southern's flagship served New Orleans and Kansas City via Shreveport.
Southern Belle - June, 1941
Southern Belle - March, 1968

The Southerner

Service between New York and New Orleans on an all-Southern Railway routing south of Washington. Combined with the Crescent after 1970.
The Southerner - December, 1941

The Tennesseean

Service operated by Southern and Norfolk & Western between Washington, D.C. and Memphis via Roanoke and Chattanooga with continuing service to Northeast Corridor cities provided by the Pennsylvania Railroad.
The Tennesseean - December, 1952

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