Southern would be one of two major U. S. railroads with a significant passenger service to opt out of Amtrak, the other being of course the Denver & Rio Grande Western. (Rock Island declined as well, but in their case the motivation was financial; the railroad was simply too broke to afford the up-front fee to join.) So the timetable here, from the month in which other railroads were preparing to relieve themselves of the passenger train burden, represents just another month of business as usual for the Southern—although their Northeastern partner Penn Central would be supplanted by the fledgling Amtrak as of May 1.

As late as June of 1969, the Crescent and the Southerner were still operating as independent daily trains with diverging routes south of Atlanta, although by that date their southbound runs were combined north of Atlanta. By February 1970, though, partner railroads West Point Route and L. & N. had dropped Crescent service, and Southern had combined what remained of the Crescent and the Southerner into the Southern Crescent as shown here, using the all-Southern route of the Southerner.

From the pages of the Official Guide, April 1971

Penn Central herald Southern Railway System herald

The Southern Crescent

Penn Central
Southern Railway System
April, 1971

173 Train Number 126
Daily Miles (Penn Central) Services Daily
3 00P Dp 0.0 New York, NY (Penn Station) (ET) C R X Ar 12 38P
3 16P 10.0 Newark, NJ C R X D12 22P
4 00P 58.1 Trenton, NJ C R X 11 35A
4 29P 85.9 North Philadelphia, PA C R X 11 07A
4 39P Philadelphia, PA (30th St. Station) C R X 10 58A
5 08P 118.1 Wilmington, DE C X 10 29A
6 09P 186.5 Baltimore, MD C X 9 25A
6 50P Ar 226.6 Washington, DC C X Dp 8 40A
1 Continuing Train Number 2
Daily (Southern) Daily
7 25P Dp 226.6 Washington, DC C Ar 7 50A
7 43P 234.8 Alexandria, VA C 7 10A
8 16P 259.2 Manassas, VA C
8 47P 294.0 Culpeper, VA C
9 08P 311.3 Orange, VA C
9 40P 338.8 Charlottesville, VA C 5 20A
10 50P Ar 391.7 Monroe, VA C Dp 4 20A
10 55P Dp Ar 4 15A
11 04P Ar 399.1 Lynchburg, VA C Dp 4 05A
11 11P Dp Ar 4 05A
F11 37P 422.4 Altavista, VA C
12 21A Ar 462.4 Danville, VA C Dp 2 50A
12 31A Dp Ar 2 41A
1 00A 486.5 Reidsville, NC C
1 25A Ar 510.5 Greensboro, NC C Dp 1 50A
1 35A Dp Ar 1 50A
1 53A 525.8 High Point, NC C 1 20A
2 35A Ar 560.3 Salisbury, NC C Dp 12 46A
2 40A Dp Ar 12 40A
3 03A 583.0 Concord, NC C
3 25A Ar 601.8 Charlotte, NC C Dp 11 45P
3 40A Dp Ar 11 37P
4 11A 625.9 Gastonia, NC C 11 12P
5 13A 679.2 Spartanburg, SC C 10 15P
5 55A Ar 710.7 Greenville, SC C Dp 9 35P
6 05A Dp Ar 9 30P
F 6 39A 740.8 Clemson, SC C F 8 47P
7 15A 773.9 Toccoa, GA C F 8 15P
8 00A 811.2 Gainesville, GA C 7 35P
8 55A Ar 859.9 Atlanta, GA (Peachtree Station) (ET) C Dp 6 40P
9 10A Dp Ar 6 25P
10 48A 961.6 Anniston, AL (CT) C 3 16P
12 30P Ar 1025.5 Birmingham, AL C Dp 1 55P
TuThSu (Operates triweekly Birmingham - New Orleans) MoWeFr
12 45P Dp 1025.5 Birmingham, AL C Ar 1 40P
1 56P 1080.9 Tuscaloosa, AL C 12 27P
F 2 21P 1106.3 Akron, AL F12 01P
2 30P 1115.5 Eutaw, AL C 11 53A
2 55P 1141.5 Livingston, AL C 11 28A
F 3 04P 1150.8 York, AL C F11 20A
3 50P Ar 1177.9 Meridian, MS C Dp 10 55A
3 55P Dp Ar 10 50A
5 03P 1234.3 Laurel, MS C 9 40A
5 40P 1262.9 Hattiesburg, MS C 9 05A
5 57P 1279.5 Purvis, MS C 8 46A
6 24P 1303.0 Poplarville, MS C 8 22A
6 50P 1326.9 Picayune, MS 7 57A
7 09P 1345.2 Slidell, LA C 7 38A
8 07P 1378.1 New Orleans, LA (Carrollton Avenue) 6 52A
8 25P Ar 1380.4 New Orleans, LA (Union Psgr Term) (CT) C Dp 6 45A

Train 173-1 (New York-New Orleans): 44 stops, 30:25, 45.4 MPHTrain 2-126 (New Orleans-New York): 38 stops, 29:53, 46.2 MPH

Note: The Southern Crescent operates daily between New York and Birmingham and tri-weekly between Birmingham and New Orleans, departing Birmingham for New Orleans on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays and departing New Orleans northbound on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

Note: The southbound Southern Crescent is combined with The Senator between New York and Washington; the northbound Southern Crescent is combined with The Legislator between Washington and New York.

(Penn Central Notes)



No. 173—Daily. Parlor and Grill Car, Parlor Lounge to Philadelphia (Except Sat. and Sun.)
No baggage service on this train.



No. 126—Daily. Parlor Club Car (Philadelphia to New York). Snack Bar Coach. (Meals and Beverages served at seats.)
No baggage service on this train.

(Southern Railway System Notes)


Dining Cars—
Washington-Atlanta. Atlanta-Washington. (Daily.)
Atlanta-New Orleans. New Orleans-Atlanta. (Tri-Weekly.)

Tavern-Lounge Cars—
Washington-Atlanta. Atlanta-Washington. (Daily.)

Reclining Seat Coaches—Reservation charge.
Washington-Birmingham-New Orleans [Car No. 3] 52-Seat
New York-Birmingham-New Orleans [Car No. 12] 52-Seat
Washington-Atlanta [Car No. 5] 52-Seat

Note: Coaches 3 and 12 operate to and from New Orleans Tri-Weekly only, prefixed "N"; to and from Birmingham four days each week, prefixed "B".

Sleeping Cars—

New York-Birmingham [Car SR-41 South, S-41 North] 10 Roomette, 6 Double Bedroom (Note: operates four days each week, departing New York on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday and departing Birmingham on Tuesday,Thursday,Saturday, and Sunday.)

Washington-Atlanta [Car SR-22 South, S-22 North] Drawing-room, Master Room, Buffet Lounge

Washington-Atlanta [Car SR-28 South, S-52 North] 10 Roomette, 6 Double Bedroom

New York-Los Angeles [Car SW-1 West, SE-1 East] 10 Roomette, 6 Double Bedroom

(Tri-Weekly Transcontinental Sleeping Car Line operates from New York on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. Operates from Los Angeles on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays. Operates in Southern Pacific "Sunset" between New Orleans-Los Angeles. May be occupied during overnight lay-over at New Orleans by interstate passengers.)

Parlor-Dome Car—

Atlanta-New Orleans [Car 100 West, 200 East] 21 Seat
(Tri-Weekly Parlor Car Service, advance reservation and Parlor Car seat ticket required. Operates from Atlanta to New Orleans on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. From New Orleans to Atlanta on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.)