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There was a time, in this very land and not so very long ago, when intercity travel could mean something more than mind-numbing hours behind the wheel on an Interstate or being jammed like sardines into an aluminum can. From the 19th century into the 1960s, North America was crisscrossed by an extensive network of passenger-carrying railroads.  The competition for travellers and their dollars was keen, and that competition bred constant improvement upon improvement for the better part of a century.  

That competition reached its zenith with the Streamliners—fast, modern, lightweight trains featuring comfortable air conditioned accommodations, fine dining, spectacular scenery, and speedy schedules. It is those schedules which you will find featured herein, to help you plan your journey to those years between the mid-1930s and the late 1960s when fast trains and fine service comprised the gold standard of intercity passenger travel.

So set that wayback machine; load some plutonium into the DeLorean; plot a hyperwarp orbit around the nearest convenient star; or just sit back and dream about a time when travel, adventure, comfort, and luxury rode hand in hand—the Streamliner Era.

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