While indications are that by this point Penn Central was just "mailing it in", the traveler's reports I have seen indicate that Baltimore & Ohio still retained some sense of pride in their passenger operation all the way to the end making the Capitol Limited the classiest transportation from Chicago to the East Coast on the eve of Amtrak.

From the pages of the Official Guide, April 1971

Erie RR herald

The Capitol Limited

Baltimore & Ohio Railroad
February, 1971

105 Train Number 106
Daily Miles Services Daily
3 25P Dp 0Baltimore, MD (Camden Station) (ET) C R Ar 11 05A
4 15P Ar 37Washington, DC (Union Station) (ET) C R Dp 10 15A
5 Continuing Train Number 6
4 40P Dp 0Washington, DC (Union Station) (ET) C R Ar 10 00A
4 55P 7 Silver Spring, MD C 9 35A
F 5 46P 55 Harper's Ferry, WV C F 8 43A
6 11P 73 Martinsburg, WV C 8 17A
7 40P Ar 146 Cumberland, MD C Dp 6 50A
7 52P Dp Ar 6 38A
F 8 47P 183 Meyersdale, PA
10 13P 238 Connellsville, PA C 4 18A
F11 13P 282 McKeesport, PA C
11 40P Ar 297Pittsburgh, PA (P. & L. E. Station) C R Dp 2 47A
11 45P Dp Ar 2 44A
12 56A 344 New Castle, PA C 1 28A
1 24A 363 Youngstown, OH C R 12 56A
2 25A Ar 416Akron, OH (Union Sta.) (Cleveland via bus) C R Dp 11 56P
2 37A Dp Ar 11 50P
3 55A Ar 490 Willard, OH C Dp 10 39P
4 07A Dp Ar 10 27P
F 4 31A 514 Tiffin, OH F 9 59P
4 47A 527Fostoria, OH (Toledo, Detroit via bus) C 9 45P
F 5 12A 553 Deshler, OH F 9 18P
5 39A 578 Defiance, OH C 8 52P
6 25A 619 Garrett, IN C 8 11P
F 6 58A 651 Syracuse, IN C F 7 31P
F 7 12A 664 Nappanee, IN F 7 17P
F 7 30A 680 La Paz, IN (ET) C F 7 00P
F 7 30A 735 Gary, IN (CT) C 5 08P
F 8 18A 759Chicago, IL (Sixty-third St. Station) 4 19P
9 05A Ar 770Chicago, IL (North Western Station) (CT) C R Dp 3 50P

Train 105-5 (Baltimore-Chicago): 23 stops; 18:40; 43.2 MPHTrain 6-106 (Chicago-Baltimore): 21 stops; 18:15; 44.2 MPH



Trains 5 and 6, Baltimore-Washington and Chicago

Chessie Sleeper

Roomettes and Double Bedrooms, Bedroom Suites
Washington and Chicago
Reclining Seat Coaches—Lounge Rooms
Washington and Chicago—Attendant Service
Baltimore and Washington
Connecting bus service between Fostoria-Toledo-Detroit.

Capitol Limited Services
Iron Horse Tavern
Table d'Hote or A La Carte Meal service
The Capitol Club
Lounge and Magazine Library
Snack and beverage service.
Limited Baggage Service.
Consult Agent.

Fare table available in the Ticket Office.

At last.
for your

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[NOTE: This advertisement is reproduced for historic interest only; it does not represent a present-day [2016] service.]

The route of the Capitol Limited would not be included in Amtrak's Basic System. However, as part of Senator Robert Byrd's ongoing effort to move the entire Federal Government apparatus to West Virginia, the service would be restored in October of 1981 using the original B. & O. route from Pittsburgh to Washington and combined with the Broadway Limited west of Pittsburgh to Chicago. While there were some reroutes and combinations in the latter '80s and '90s the route continues to serve today as Amtrak's primary link between Chicago and Washington, D. C.