Track 6 - Canada and Alaska

Our neighbor to the north hosted the only true transcontinental railroads to be found in North America during the streamliner era (and still does). In addition, the Alaska Railroad provided a commercial lifeline for the development of the city of Fairbanks in the heart of the Alaskan wilderness.

Note: This section includes trains with at least one terminal city in the Canada/Alaska region. Trains which transited Canada through the Detroit/Windsor to Buffalo corridor, but which had both end points in the "lower 48", will be found on Track 3.


The Trains:

Algoma Central Trains 1 and 2

Local train service over the Algoma Central Railway between Sault Ste. Marie and Hearst, Ontario, subsidized by the Canadian government as an essential remote service through a virtually roadless area.
Algoma Central Trains 1 and 2 - June/July 1986

The Atlantic Limited

Canadian Pacific operated this service from Montreal to St. John via northern Maine, with connecting ferry and train service on to Halifax operated by CPR affiliate Dominion Atlantic Ry.
Atlantic Limited/RDC Service - May, 1957

The Gull

Traveling from Boston to Halifax in the mid-1950's? You might very well consider this leisurely overnight service between Boston and Saint John, New Brunswick, with connecting service and a through sleeper to Halifax. Boston & Maine, Maine Central, and Canadian Pacific combined on the Boston-St. John service, while Canadian National operated the service from St. John to Halifax.
The Gull - July, 1954

The International Limited

A premium overnight service operated by the Grand Trunk and Canadian National between Chicago, Toronto, and Montreal.
International Limited - February, 1955

The Internationals

The Great Northern Railway's streamlined service between Seattle, Washington and Vancouver, British Columbia.
The Streamlined Internationals - August, 1952

The Maple Leaf

Canadian National/Grand Trunk Western's day train between Chicago and Toronto via Port Huron/Sarnia.
Maple Leaf - April, 1971

The Midnight Sun

Overnight passenger service operated between Fairbanks and Anchorage by the Alaska Railroad in the 1950s.
Midnight Sun - November, 1958

The Montrealer/The Washingtonian

Overnight service between Montreal, New York, and Washington operated by the Canadian National, Central Vermont, Boston & Maine, New Haven, and Pennsylvania railroads.
The Montrealer/The Washingtonian - September, 1960

The Montreal Limited

New York Central and Delaware & Hudson combined on this competing service between New York City and Montreal.
Montreal Limited - September, 1960

The Mountaineer

Canadian Pacific and Soo Line combined on this seasonal summer service connecting Vancouver, British Columbia and the twin cities of Minneapolis-St. Paul by way of CPR's spectacularly scenic route through the Canadian Rockies.
The Mountaineer - July, 1957 (Part of the Union Pacific 1957 Summer Tours series.)

The Ocean Limited

An all-Pullman train until the late 1950s, this was Canadian National's premier service between Montreal and Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Ocean Limited - May, 1957

The Ontarian

This service between New York and Toronto was operated by New York Central; Toronto, Hamilton & Buffalo; and Canadian Pacific.
The Ontarian - June, 1965

The Red Wing

Overnight sleeper and coach service between Montreal and Boston via Canadian Pacific and Boston & Maine.
The Red Wing/The Alouette - July, 1957

The Scotian

Canadian National's secondary service between Montreal and Halifax.
The Scotian - July, 1954

The Super Continental

Canadian National's transcontinental flagship competed against the Canadian between Montreal/Toronto and Vancouver.
Super Continental - July, 1956

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