"The enemy of my enemy is my friend."
—Ancient proverb; exact origin unknown.

Despite some cooperative ventures such as their pooled passenger service between Portland and Seattle and the Camas Prairie operation in eastern Washington, Union Pacific and the Hill roads Northern Pacific and Great Northern had been at odds for many years. I understand that one of the things which peeved the Hill roads was the fact that for several years, up until the postwar introduction of the streamlined Empire Builder, the quickest route from Chicago to Seattle by rail was to take Union Pacific's City of Portland  to its namesake terminal and then connect to service up the coast to Seattle. 

The Hill roads had managed to tick off Canadian Pacific as well. CPR was not pleased that Great Northern, with its direct connection to Vancouver from its main line at Everett, drew what it regarded as an unfairly large share of manufacturing and agricultural traffic from the American heartland to western Canada. Adding insult to injury, it was often faster for residents of eastern Canada to reach Vancouver by taking Great Northern's Empire Builder via Chicago than by taking CPR's more direct but also more difficult line through the Canadian Rockies.

So, at least in the 1957 Summer Tours season, the "Route of the Domeliners and Streamliners" and the "World's Greatest Travel System" found common cause. The "PNW" Pacific Northwest tourists would take Union Pacific trains and buses as far as Bremerton, Washington. After a Washington State Ferry ride to and overnight in Seattle, the group would be handed over to the Canadian Pacific system. They would board a Canadian Pacific steamship to Victoria, the capital of British Columbia, for an overnight stay at Canadian Pacific's Empress Hotel. The next day, they would depart on another Canadian Pacific steamer to Vancouver to board this train as far as Field, B.C.

There the tour group would board buses for a drive to and through Yoho and Banff National Parks. The exact itinerary varied for each specific tour group, but each would spend three nights in the Canadian Rockies at either Chateau Lake Louise, Banff Springs Hotel, and/or Emerald Lake Chalet. At four o'clock on day 12 of the tour the group would reboard the Mountaineer at Banff on their way back to the United States, connecting at Minneapolis with the Milwaukee Road's Morning Hiawatha for Chicago and home.

From the pages of the Official Guide, July 1957

Soo Line Railroad heraldCanadian Pacific Ry. herald

The Mountaineer

Soo Line Railroad
Canadian Pacific Railway
April 28, 1957

3Connecting Train Number (Milwaukee Road)6
1 00PDp0Chicago, IL (Union Station) (CT)C RAr2 55P
2 18PDp85Milwaukee, WIC RAr1 30P
7 21PAr410St. Paul, MN (Union Station)C RDp8 20A
8 05PAr421Minneapolis, MN (CT)C RDp7 45A
13 Train Number 14
Daily Miles (Soo Line) Services Daily
9 40P Dp 0.0 St. Paul, MN (Union Station) (CT) C R Ar 7 15A
10 10P Ar 10.9 Minneapolis, MN (Milw. Rd. Station) C R Dp 6 45A
10 25P Dp Ar 6 30A
94.8 Paynesville, MN C 4 18A
1 05A Ar 132.6 Glenwood, MN C Dp 3 30A
1 20A Dp Ar 3 15A
2 19A 171.8 Elbow Lake, MN C 2 19A
3 01A 202.9 Fairmount, ND C 1 21A
3 50A 217.1 Hankinson, ND C 12 57A
4 13A 235.1 Wyndmere, ND C 12 22A
5 00A Ar 268.8 Enderlin, ND C Dp 11 35P
6 00A Dp Ar 10 40P
6 50A 298.7 Valley City, ND C 9 45P
8 15A 364.0 Carrington, ND C 8 20P
8 53A 391.4 Fessenden, ND C 7 35P
9 15A Ar 408.0 Harvey, ND C Dp 7 10P
9 40A Dp Ar 6 50P
10 03A 424.4 Anamoose, ND (See Note) C 6 25P
10 20A 431.1 Drake, ND C 6 15P
10 56A 459.3 Velva, ND C 5 30P
F11 12A 471.5 Logan, ND
11 25A Ar 480.5 Minot, ND C Dp 5 00P
11 45A Dp Ar 4 45P
12 46P 530.4 Kenmare, ND C 3 47P
1 14P 542.5 Bowbells, ND C 3 27P
1 35P 552.0 Flaxton, ND C 3 14P
1 55P Ar 561.8 Portal, ND (CT) C Dp 3 00P
(Canadian Pacific Railway)
1 55P Dp 562.1 North Portal, SK (MT) Ar 1 00P
2 35P 585.2 Estevan, SK C 12 00P
3 55P 638.4 Weyburn, SK C 10 30A
6 05P 722.7 Pasqua, SK 7 50A
6 25P Ar 729.5 Moose Jaw, SK C M Dp 7 30A
7 00P Dp Ar 6 30A
9 40P 839.9 Swift Current, SK C M 4 15A
1 20A Ar 987.3 Medicine Hat, AB C M Dp 11 30P
1 45A Dp Ar 11 10P
3 55A 1084.9 Bassano, AB C 9 10P
4 35A 1112.1 Gleichen, AB
6 05A Ar 1163.1 Calgary, AB C M Dp 7 00P
6 45A Dp Ar 6 15P
9 40A 1245.0 Banff, AB C M 4 00P
10 45A 1279.7 Lake Louise, AB 2 05P
11 45A Ar 1299.7 Field, BC (MT) M Dp 1 00P
11 05A Dp Field, BC (PT) Ar 11 40A
F12 50P 1334.7 Golden, BC C
3 05P 1385.2 Glacier, BC
4 50P 1425.4 Revelstoke, BC C M 7 05A
F 6 17P 1470.1 Sicamous, BC M F 5 15A
F 6 55P 1488.8 Salmon Arm, BC F 4 38A
9 10P 1554.2 Kamloops, BC C M 3 00A
2 15A 1675.7 North Bend, BC 10 35P
DF 4 30A 1734.6 Agassiz, BC RF 8 25P
DF 5 20A 1763.0 Mission City, BC RF 7 45P
6 10A 1788.2 Coquitlan, BC 7 05P
6 50A Ar 1804.7 Vancouver, BC (PT) C M Dp 6 30P

Train 13 (St. Paul-Vancouver): 43 stops; 59:10; 30.5 MPHTrain 14 (Vancouver-St. Paul): 40 stops; 58.45; 30.7 MPH

NOTE for No. 13 at Anamoose: "Stops Sundays only."

NOTE: The mileage between Portal, ND and North Portal, SK is not shown in the timetables of either railroad. Edit 2015-04-17: The consolidated transcontinental timetable on page 1169 shows a distance of 0.3 miles between Portal, ND and North Portal, SK; the timetable has been revised accordingly. A big tip of the hat to Stephen Parsons of White River Junction for pointing this information out to me.

NOTE: All times in this timetable are Standard Time. The province of British Columbia and the cities of Weyburn and Moose Jaw, SK observe Daylight Saving time (+1 hour) from April 28 to September 28 [1957], inclusive, as does Swift Current, SK and the entire state of Minnesota from April 28 to October 26 [1957], inclusive. Add one hour to obtain local times in these areas during this period.

(Canadian Pacific Notes)


Coaches on all trains unless otherwise noted.
Regularly assigned cars on all trains are Air-Conditioned unless indicated N A C (Non Air-Conditioned).

No. 13 and 14—THE MOUNTAINEER.
June 28 to August 27—Westbound.
July 1 to August 30—Eastbound.

Sleepers...St. Paul and Vancouver—10 Roomettes, 5 Double Bedrooms.
St. Paul and Banff—10 Compartments.
St. Paul and Vancouver—8-Sections, Drawing-room, 2 Compartments.
Observation Lounge Sleeper...St. Paul and Vancouver—4 Double Bedrooms, 1 Compartment.
Diner-Club Lounge...Enderlin and Vancouver.
Observation Car...Calgary and Vancouver.

(Soo Line Notes)

Famous Train through the
THIS YEAR will operate Daily June 28 thru August 27 between
Via Soo Line St. Paul-Portal Can. Pac. Ry. Portal-Vancouver
Through Standard Sleeping Cars offering Drawing-room, Compartment, Bedroom,
Roomette and Open Section accomodations, also excellent Dining Car Service.
is Diesel Electric Powered
ST. PAUL, MINN., and
Portal, N. D.
and in the Mountains.
For Reservations
Write or Wire to
Passenger Sales Manager,
Soo Line
Minneapolis 2, Minn.

While the Mountaineer was a summer-season-only train, this route was not bereft of passenger service during the balance of the year. During the off-season a section of the CPR's Dominion split from that train at Moose Jaw and, under the name of the Soo Dominion, carried passengers along this route to and from the Twin Cities.