Another timetable from the Union Pacific 1957 Summer Tours series, the Utah Parks Special was used by the "Z" tour of Zion, Bryce Canyon and the Grand Canyon National Parks, including those tourists who were on the "Z-C" and "Z-BC" combination tours who would use this train's connection to the City of St. Louis to join the California portion of their tours in Las Vegas or Riverside, California respectively. The Utah Parks Special was also used by the "ZLV" and "YTZ" tourists to return from the parks as far as Salt Lake City on their homeward bound leg; as well the route of this train was used by the "YTZ" tourists connecting from Salt Lake to Lund and by the "ZLV" group heading from Las Vegas to Lund although it appears that special movements were used; the "YTZ" group left Salt Lake at 9:15 a.m and arrived Lund at 2:30 p.m. while the "ZLV" tourists left Las Vegas at 6:45 a.m. and arrived Lund at 12:45 p.m. 

This train carried no on-board food service or lounge, but the description of the "Z" tour states that breakfast was available at El Escalante Hotel, "just a few steps from the station," upon arrival in Cedar City. Pullman passengers could occupy their sleepers until 7:00 a.m.; the motor buses left for Zion National Park at 8:30 a.m.

From the pages of the Official Guide, July 1957

Union Pacific Railroad herald

The Utah Parks Special

Union Pacific Railroad
June 1, 1957

103 Connecting Train Number (Milwaukee Road/Union Pacific) 104
6 45P Dp 0 Chicago, IL (Union Station) (CT) C 590 Ar 11 00A
3 10A Dp 488 Omaha, NE (CT) C 1033 Ar 2 30A
9 40A Dp 995 Cheyenne, WY (MT) C 6060 Ar 6 10P
6 55P Dp 1478 Ogden, UT C 4298 Ar 9 00A
7 40P Ar 1514 Salt Lake City, UT (MT) C 4251 Dp 8 15A
309 Train Number 310
Daily Miles Services Elevation Daily
11 00P Dp 0 Salt Lake City, UT (MT) C 4251 Ar 4 30A
F 1 30A 118 Lynndyl, UT 4796 F 1 30A
1 50A 135 Delta, UT C 4649 1 10A
3 15A Ar 207 Milford, UT C 4968 Dp 11 50P
Through Sleeper Cedar City-Los Angeles
10 Connecting Train Number (Union Pacific) 9
11 45A Dp 578 Los Angeles, CA (Union Psgr. Tml.) (PT) C 293 Ar 2 00P
7 15P Dp 243 Las Vegas, NV C 2027 Ar 6 20A
1 20A Ar 0 Milford, UT C 4968 Dp 2 05A
4 15A Dp 207 Milford, UT C 4968 Ar 11 20P
5 00A Ar 243 Lund, UT C 5091 Dp 10 25P
5 10A Dp Ar 10 10P
6 30A Ar 276 Cedar City, UT (MT) C 5805 Dp 9 00P

Train 309 (Salt Lake City-Cedar City): 4 stops; 7:30; 36.8 MPHTrain 310 (Cedar City-Salt Lake City): 4 stops; 7:30; 38.8 MPH


Salt Lake City to Cedar City.
Summer season only (June 15 to September 7).
(For departure Salt Lake City.)

Streamlined Sleeping Cars...Salt Lake City to Cedar City—6-Sections, 6 Roomettes, 4 Double Bedrooms (Open 9:30 p.m.)

Los Angeles to Cedar City—6-Sections, 6 Roomettes, 4 Double Bedrooms. (No. 10 Los Angeles to Milford.)

Reclining Seat Coach...Salt Lake City to Cedar City.

Cedar City to Salt Lake City.
Summer season only (June 16 to September 8).
(For departure Cedar City.)

Streamlined Sleeping Cars...Cedar City to Salt Lake City—6-Sections, 6 Roomettes, 4 Double Bedrooms. (Occupancy until 7:30 a.m.)

Cedar City to Los Angeles—6-Sections, 6 Roomettes, 4 Double Bedrooms. (No. 9 Milford to Los Angeles.)

Reclining Seat Coach...Cedar City to Salt Lake City.

NOTE for Cedar City, Utah: "Gateway to Zion, Bryce Canyon and Grand Canyon National Parks."