This is yet another entry in the Union Pacific 1957 Summer Tours series. The City of Denver was used as the "homeward bound" train for most of the tours, including "YT", "YRG", "Z", "YTZ" and "ZLV", as well as being the major train both out and back for tour "RM". Once again, I consider it likely that Union Pacific sent much of its tour equipment back to Chicago by way of the Denver & Rio Grande connections and this train, so that the tour groups would not fill up the limited accommodations in the regular equipment on these trains.

From the pages of the Official Guide, July  1957

The Milwaukee Road heraldUnion Pacific Railroad herald

The Streamliner, City of Denver

The Milwaukee Road
Union Pacific Railroad
June 1, 1957

111 Train Number 112
Daily Miles (Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific) Services Elevation Daily
4 30P Dp 0 Chicago, IL (Union Station) (CT) C R 583 Ar 8 45A
5 46P 80 Davis Junction, IL C 790 DF 7 20A
6 38P Ar 138 Savanna, IL (Dubuque and Bellevue via bus) C 596 Dp 6 24A
6 44P Dp Ar 6 17A
8 10P 227 Marion, IA (Cedar Rapids via bus) C 841 4 54A
10 05P Ar 362 Perry, IA (Des Moines via bus) C 965 Dp 2 51A
10 10P Dp Ar 2 46A
F11 02P 423 Manilla, IA C 1317
12 35A Ar 488 Omaha, NE C R 1033 Dp 12 40A
(Union Pacific)
12 45A Dp 488 Omaha, NE C 1033 Ar 12 30A
F 525 Fremont, NE C 1197 F
1 59A 570 Columbus, NE C 1447 11 17P
2 54A Ar 632 Grand Island, NE C 1864 Dp 10 26P
2 55A Dp Ar 10 25P
3 33A 674 Kearney, NE C 2149 9 50P
4 50A Ar 769 North Platte, NE (CT) C 2802 Dp 8 39P
3 55A Dp North Platte, NE (MT) Ar 7 34P
F 820 Ogallala, NE C 3213 F
F 5 10A 851 Julesburg, CO C 3467 6 27P
6 05A 908 Sterling, CO C 3939 5 37P
F 949 Fort Morgan, CO C 4276 F
7 30A Ar 1001 La Salle, CO (Greeley via on-call taxi) C 4681 Dp 4 20P
7 34A Dp Ar 4 15P
8 30A Ar 1048 Denver, CO C 5188 Dp 3 30P

Train 111 (Chicago-Denver): 13 stops; 17:00; 61.6 MPHTrain 112 (Denver-Chicago): 12 stops; 16:15; 64.5 MPH

NOTE: All times in this timetable are Standard Time. Be advised that the city of Chicago, IL observes Daylight Saving Time (+1 hour) from April 28 to October 26, inclusive, as does the city of Davis, IL from April 28 to September 28, inclusive. Add one hour to obtain local time in these cities during this time period.

 (Milwaukee Road notes)


Nos. 111 and 112—Daily.
All Cars Are Air-Conditioned.

Pullman Sleeping Cars—

10 Roomettes, 6 Double Bedrooms [1113].

6 Roomettes, 4 Double Bedrooms, 6 Sections [1112-1114].

Club Observation Lounge Car.

The Pub.

Dining Car.

Reclining Seat Leg Rest Coaches—(All seats reserved) [1116-1117-1118].

Car numbers shown are westbound numbers.

(Union Pacific Notes)


Westbound Eastbound
Coach Seat Reservation Charge.

Club Lounge Car...Chicago to Denver—for sleeping car passengers.

Streamlined Sleeping Cars...Chicago to Denver—10 Roomettes, 6 Double Bedrooms.

Chicago to Denver—6 Roomettes, 4 Double Bedrooms, 6-Sections.

The Pub...Chicago to Denver.

Reclining Seat-Leg Rest Coaches...Chicago to Denver (all seats reserved).

Dining Car...Club and a la carte service.

Coach Seat Reservation Charge.
Club Lounge Car...Denver to Chicago—for sleeping car passengers.
Streamlined Sleeping Cars...Denver to Chicago—10 Roomettes, 6 Double Bedrooms.
Denver to Chicago—6 Roomettes, 4 Double Bedrooms, 6-Sections.
The Pub...Denver to Chicago.
Reclining Seat-Leg Rest Coaches...Denver to Chicago (all seats reserved).
Dining Car...Club and a la carte service.

Union Pacific was keeping competitive; this schedule is only 15-30 minutes longer than Burlington's competing Denver Zephyr. Still, you can sense Union Pacific's slow withdrawal from the race; this train carried only three sleeping cars whereas the DZ listed four full sleepers plus two Slumbercoaches...and that doesn't include the "Q's" companion California Zephyr with its own full complement of sleepers on an overnight run. The City of Denver was Union Pacific's sole entry in the Chicago-Denver market in this time period, and it had yet to roster a dome car...another competitive disadvantage against the Burlington's stable.