This is the final Silver Meteor timetable before the handover of the train to Amtrak. As you can see, it retained its premium equipment and its heavy complement of sleepers to the end.

From the pages of the Official Guide, April 1971

Penn Central herald R. F. & P. herald Seaboard Coast Line herald

The Silver Meteor

Penn Central
Richmond, Fredericksburg & Potomac RR
Seaboard Coast Line Railroad
December 11, 1970

143 Train Number 142
Daily Miles (Penn Central) Services Daily
2 10P Dp 0.0 New York, NY (Penn Station) (ET) C Ar 10 15A
R 2 26P 10.0 Newark, NJ C D10 00A
R 3 12P 58.1 Trenton, NJ C D 9 14A
R 3 40P 85.9 North Philadelphia, PA C D 8 45A
R 3 50P Philadelphia, PA (30th St. Station) C D 8 23A
R 4 19P 118.1 Wilmington, DE C D 7 52A
R 5 20P 186.5 Baltimore, MD C D 6 51A
6 00P Ar 226.6 Washington, DC C R Dp 6 10A
57 Continuing Train Number (Richmond, Fredericksburg & Potomac) 58
6 30P Dp 226.6 Washington, DC C R Ar 5 45A
F 6 47P 234.8 Alexandria, VA C F 5 09A
F 7 12P 261.3 Quantico, VA F 4 42A
F 7 32P 280.7 Fredericksburg, VA C F 4 24A
8 45P Ar 340.1 Richmond, VA (Broad Street) C R Dp 3 30A
(Seaboard Coast Line)
9 00P Dp 340.1 Richmond, VA C R Ar 3 20A
F 9 30P 367.5 Petersburg, VA C R D 2 33A
11 55P 502.0 Raleigh, NC C R 12 25A
1 40A Ar 598.6 Hamlet, NC C Dp 10 40P
1 50A Dp Ar 10 30P
671.6 Camden, SC C R 9 03P
3 40A 704.5 Columbia, SC C 8 30P
5 30A 845.4 Savannah, GA C R 6 20P
6 53A 912.7 Thalmann, GA (Brunswick Junction) C 5 15P
8 20A Ar 984.4 Jacksonville, FL C R Dp 4 10P
8 30A Dp Ar 4 00P
9 20A 1040.2 Waldo, FL C 2 55P
10 02A 1085.5 Ocala, FL C 2 11P
10 45A 1111.6 Wildwood, FL (Leesburg) C 1 45P
11 44A 1176.2 Winter Haven, FL (Cypress Gardens) C 12 32P
12 25P 1217.6 Sebring, FL (Highlands) C 11 55A
D 1 04P 1259.1 Okeechobee, FL C R11 18A
2 10P 1320.3 West Palm Beach, FL C R 10 28A
D 2 30P 1337.9 Delray Beach, FL C R R10 07A
D 2 42P 1348.7 Deerfield Beach, FL (Boca Raton) C R 9 56A
3 05P 1362.7 Fort Lauderdale, FL C R 9 42A
3 15P 1370.1 Hollywood, FL C 9 30A
D 3 40P 1386.8 Hialeah, FL (Miami Int'l Airport) C R 9 10A
4 05P Ar 1390.4 Miami, FL (ET) C R Dp 9 00A

Train 143-57: 30 stops, 25:55, 53.6 MPHTrain 58-142: 31 stops, 25:15, 55.1 MPH

(Penn Central Notes—None)

(R.F. & P. Notes)

CAR SERVICE INFORMATION—Sleeping, Parlor Car and Through Coach runs.
Coach service on all trains unless otherwise indicated.

Nos. 57 and 58 (Silver Meteor)—Sleeping Cars and Reclining-Seat Coaches (seats reserved) New York and Miami.  Sleeping Car Washington and Miami. Budget-Room Coach New York and Miami. Sleeper Bar-Lounge and Tavern Observation Cars New York and Miami. Dining Cars New York and Miami.

(Seaboard Coast Line Notes)


Baggage-Dormitory...New York-Miami.

Sleepers...[S-99] Washington-Miami—10 Roomettes, 6 Double Bedrooms.

[S-105] New York-Miami—5 Double Bedrooms, 2 Compartments, 2 Drawing-rooms.

[S-106] New York-Miami—11 Double Bedrooms.

[S-107] New York-Miami—5 Double Bedrooms, Bar-Lounge.

Diner...New York-Miami.

Sleeper...[S-108] New York-Miami—10 Roomettes, 6 Double Bedrooms.

Budget Room Coach..[BC-10]..New York-Miami—16 Single Budget Rooms, 4 Double Budget Rooms.

Coaches...[13-E] New York-Miami. (Reclining, Reserved Seats.)

[14-E] New York-Miami. (Reclining, Reserved Seats.)

Tavern-Lounge-Observation...New York-Miami.

Registered Nurse—Passenger Service Agent—Coach Attendants.

Note—Special service charge of $2.50 is assessed for each seat assigned from and to points north of Washington, to and from points south of Washington. The charge for each seat assigned between other points 50 and $1.00 according to distance travelled.  EXCEPTION—Charge not applicable on intrastate traffic in Alabama, Florida, Georgia and South Carolina.

See the fare table in the Ticket Office.