June of 1969, of course, marked the centennial of the Golden Spike ceremony and the opening of the first transcontinental route in North America.

From the pages of the Official Guide, June 1969

Milwaukee Road HeraldUnion Pacific Railroad heraldSouthern Pacific Lines herald

The City of San Francisco

Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific
Union Pacific Railroad
Southern Pacific Lines
May, 1969

103 Train Number 104
Daily Miles (Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific) Services Daily
6 00P Dp 0 Chicago, IL (Union Station) (CT) C R M Ar 11 59A
R 6 45P 37 Elgin, IL C D11 00A
R 7 21P 80 Davis Junction, IL C D10 22A
8 21P Ar 138 Savanna, IL C M Dp 9 27A
8 28P Dp Ar 9 20A
10 01P 227 Marion, IA (Cedar Rapids via bus) C M 7 54A
11 57P Ar 362 Perry, IA C Dp 5 48A
12 02A Dp Ar 5 38A
2 30A Ar 488 Omaha, NE C R M Dp 3 30A
(Union Pacific)
2 55A Dp 488 Omaha, NE C Ar 3 10A
F 525 Fremont, NE C F
F 570 Columbus, NE C F
5 04A Ar 632 Grand Island, NE C Dp 12 55A
5 05A Dp Ar 12 54A
F 674 Kearney, NE C F
7 10A Ar 769 North Platte, NE (CT) C Dp 11 00P
6 15A Dp North Platte, NE (MT) Ar 9 55P
7 58A Ar 893 Sidney, NB C Dp 8 05P
7 59A Dp Ar 8 04P
9 45A Ar 995 Cheyenne, WY C Dp 6 35P
Through Coach Kansas City-San Francisco
9 Connecting Train Number 10
8 00P Dp 0 Kansas City, MO (CT) C Ar 10 15A
9 12P 68 Topeka, KS (North Topeka) C 8 47A
11 35P Dp 187 Salina, KS C Ar 6 10A
7 15A Dp 640 Denver, CO C Ar 9 15P
9 30A Ar 746 Cheyenne, WY C Dp 7 00P
10 45A Dp 995 Cheyenne, WY C Ar 6 00P
12 07P Ar 1051 Laramie, WY C Dp 4 41P
12 08P Dp Ar 4 40P
1 54P Ar 1168 Rawlins, WY C Dp 2 57P
1 55P Dp Ar 2 56P
3 42P 1287 Rock Springs, WY C 1 10P
4 15P Ar 1302 Green River, WY C Dp 12 50P
4 25P Dp Ar 12 45P
6 09P Ar 1402 Evanston, WY C Dp 11 05A
6 10P Dp Ar 11 04A
8 00P Ar 1478 Ogden, UT C Dp 9 35A
101 Continuing Train Number (Southern Pacific Lines) 102
8 30P Dp 1478 Ogden, UT (MT) Dp 9 05A
10 40P 1654 Wells, NV (PT) 4 46A
11 30P 1705 Elko, NV 3 50A
12 11A 1727 Carlin, NV 3 20A
F 1 06A 1785 Battle Mountain, NV F 2 03A
2 01A 1844 Winnemucca, NV 1 13A
F 2 31A 1877 Imlay, NV F12 41A
3 11A 1917 Lovelock, NV 11 59P
F 4 01A 1973 Hazen, NV F11 10P
5 15A 2015 Sparks, NV 10 25P
5 30A 2018 Reno, NV 9 52P
6 25A 2053 Truckee, CA (Lake Tahoe) 8 50P
F 8 38A 2118 Colfax, CA F 6 30P
F 9 17A 2136 Auburn, CA (RR Street) F 6 07P
9 50A 2154 Roseville, CA 5 43P
10 30A Ar 2171 Sacramento, CA Dp 5 10P
10 45A Dp Ar 5 00P
2185 Davis, CA F 4 35P
11 39A 2211 Suisun Fairfield, CA 4 08P
12 05P 2229 Martinez, CA 3 47P
12 15P 2234 Crockett, CA (Vallejo) 3 33P
12 40P 2248 Richmond, CA 3 12P
12 57P 2254 Berkeley, CA 3 00P
1 15P Ar 2258 Oakland, CA (PT) Dp 2 50P
Connecting Bus Service
1 45P Ar 2264 San Francisco, CA (3rd St.) (PT) Dp 2 15P

Train 103-101: 37 stops, 45:45, 49.5 MPHTrain 102-104: 38 stops, 43:44, 51.8 MPH

NOTE: Operates combined with the City of Los Angeles between Chicago and Ogden; operates combined with the City of Kansas City between Cheyenne and Ogden.

All times shown are "Advanced" Standard Time as defined in the Uniform Time Act of 1966. (All times are Daylight Savings Time.)

(Milwaukee Road Notes)

All Cars Are Air-Conditioned.

Nos. 101 and 102—Daily.

Streamlined Sleeping Cars—

Roomettes, Double Bedrooms.

Reclining Seat Leg Rest Coaches—

(All seats reserved).

Dome Lounge Car—Chicago and Ogden (For use of Sleeping Car passengers.)

Automatic Buffet Car—Ogden and San Francisco.

Note: Bus service between Oakland (16th Street) and San Francisco (3d and Townsend Station) via the Bay Bridge.

NOTE: Limited handling of baggage on these trains; consult agents.

Note: All tickets honored except: Banana Messengers, Caretakers, Commutation, Drover, Circus or Show Scrip.

(Union Pacific Notes)



Daily. S. P. "City of San Francisco" charge applies.
Coach Seat Reservation Charge.

Dome Lounge Car...Chicago to Ogden. (For use of sleeping car passengers.)

Streamlined Sleeping Car...Chicago to San Francisco — Double Bedrooms, Roomettes.

Reclining Seat-Leg Rest Coach...Chicago to San Francisco (all seats reserved).

Cafe-Lounge Car...Omaha to Ogden; Ogden to San Francisco—Moderately priced meals and lounge for coach passengers.

Dining Car...Chicago to San Francisco — Club and a la carte service.


Daily. S. P. "City of San Francisco" charge applies.
Coach Seat Reservation Charge.

Dome Lounge Car...Ogden to Chicago. (For use of sleeping car passengers.)

Streamlined Sleeping Car...San Francisco to Chicago — Double Bedrooms, Roomettes.

Reclining Seat-Leg Rest Coach...San Francisco to Chicago (all seats reserved).

Cafe-Lounge Car...San Francisco to Ogden; Ogden to Omaha—Moderately priced meals and lounge for coach passengers.

Dining Car...San Francisco to Chicago — Club and a la carte service.

Note: Limited handling of checked baggage on this train; consult agent.

(Southern Pacific Notes)


Trains 101-102—
Subject to special "City of San Francisco" charge; also Reserved Seat charge.

Meal and Lounge Service—

Chicago-San Francisco.

Sleeping Car—

Chicago-San Francisco (Roomettes, Bedrooms).

Chair Cars—

Chicago-San Francisco. Reclining leg rest seats.

Kansas City-San Francisco. Westbound on U. P. 9-103 to Ogden. Eastbound on U. P. No. 104-10 to Kansas City.

Reclining leg rest seats.

Reserve seats in advance.

Pillow service available at nominal charge.

Porter Service.

Checked Baggage Handled—

San Francisco-Reno, Nev. and intermediate (except Roseville, Auburn, Colfax, Truckee via PMT truck and subject to delay—no pets).

Reno-Ogden (all intermediate service via PMT truck and subject to delay—no pets or remains).

Service to and from scheduled stops Ogden-Chicago, except no service at intermediate points between Omaha-Chicago.

No checked baggage between Kansas City-St. Louis.


CHECKED BAGGAGE SERVICE; Will handle checked baggage traffic for intrastate movement in Oregon, California and Texas. Southern Pacific will not check or handle checked baggage traffic for interstate movement. Exception: Train 102 will handle baggage traffic checked from stations served by that train San Francisco to Ogden or beyond. Train 101 will handle baggage traffic checked to but not beyond stations served by that train. Also will not check or handle intrastate baggage to or from stations served by Trains 1-2 "Sunset" in California, Arizona, New Mexico or Louisiana. We suggest baggage be checked 24 hours in advance of the passenger's departure where service is available.

AUTO RENTAL SERVICE—At most cities served by S. P., an Auto Rental Service will be found available. Some stations have direct-line free phones to a rental agency. At other stations, a pay-call will have to be made for auto rental. Ask agents for directions.

Children — Under 12 years of age, when accompanied by parent or guardian one-half fare; except one child under 5 will be carried free with each parent or guardian over 17 years of age; 12 years of age and over, full fare.