In the heady days of those early postwar years, the General operated as an all-Pullman luxury liner just a few steps back of the Broadway. I don't see a mention of coaches in the consist until 1952, when the General began to operate jointly with the premium all-coach Trail Blazer.

From the pages of the Official Guide, December 1948

Pennsylvania RR Keystone herald

The General

Pennsylvania Railroad
December 12, 1948

49 Train Number 48
Daily Miles Services Daily
4 35P Dp 0.0 New York, NY (Penna. Sta.) (ET) C R Ar 9 25A
R 4 50P 10.0 Newark, NJ C R D 9 05A
R 5 37P 58.1 Trenton, NJ C R D 8 15A
R 6 09P 85.9 North Philadelphia, PA C R D 7 40A
6 37P 111.4 Paoli, PA C D 7 15A
7 21P 159.3 Lancaster, PA C R 6 25A
7 55P 194.6 Harrisburg, PA C 5 49A
10 21P 325.4 Altoona, PA C 3 16A
12 51A 439.3 Pittsburgh, PA C R 12 42A
D 4 30A 628.1 Crestline, OH (ET) C 9 10P
5 40A 759.7 Fort Wayne, IN (CT) C R 5 58P
F 6 43A 823.9 Plymouth, IN C 5 01P
D 8 00A 900.7 Chicago, IL (Englewood Sta) C 3 45P
8 15A Ar 907.7 Chicago, IL (Union Sta.) (CT) C R Dp 3 30P
Through Sleeper New York-Los Angeles
1 Connecting Train Number (C. & N. W./Union Pacific)
12 01P Dp 908 Chicago, IL (North Western Sta.) (CT) C R
3 45P Ar 1127 Cedar Rapids, IA C R
9 00P Ar 1396 Omaha, NE (CT) C R
9 25P Dp
6 05A 1903 Cheyenne, WY (MT) C
5 25P 2422 Salt Lake City, UT (MT) C
2 05A 2872 Las Vegas, NV (PT) C
6 25A 3056 Barstow, CA C
8 30A 3137 San Bernardino, CA C
10 40A Ar 3207 Los Angeles, CA (Union Psgr. Tml.) (PT) C

Train 49 (New York-Chicago): 12 stops, 16:40, 54.5 MPHTrain 48 (Chicago-New York): 12 stops, 16:55, 53.7 MPH

Serving the Nation

Coaches on all trains except Nos. 29, 31, 49 and 61.
Regularly assigned cars are Air-Conditioned.


Lounge Cars...New York to Chicago—(6 Double Bedrooms, Buffet). (2 Cars.)

Sleeping Cars...New York to Los Angeles—(6 Sections, 6 Double Bedrooms) (to C. & N. W. No. 1).

New York to Chicago—(14 Sections). (2 Cars.)

New York to Chicago—(12 Sections, Drawing-room).

New York to Chicago—(10 Roomettes, 5 Double Bedrooms).

New York to Chicago—(18 Roomettes). (2 Cars.)

New York to Chicago—(12 Duplex Rooms, 5 Double Bedrooms).

New York to Chicago—(4 Compartments, 4 Drawing-rooms).

Dining Cars...New York to Chicago.

No Coaches.

Coaches on all trains, except Nos. 28, 30, 48 and 60.
Regularly assigned cars are Air-Conditioned.


Lounge Car...Chicago to New York—(6 Double Bedrooms, Buffet).

Sleeping Cars...Chicago to New York—(14 Sections). (2 Cars.)

Chicago to New York—(18 Roomettes).

Chicago to New York—(10 Roomettes, 5 Double Bedrooms).

Chicago to New York—(4 Compartments, 4 Drawing-rooms).

Dining Car...Chicago to New York.

No Coaches.