This train was suggested by two correspondents, one direct to me and the other a participant on one of the Yahoo! groups. It seems that the latter gentleman rode this train from Kansas City through to Jacksonville sometime in 1961. Some of his memories of this train concerned the food service; he remembered the dining car as having been removed in Birmingham due to "racial tension" and having to eat a box dinner that evening. Racial tensions may very well have been a factor but my belief is that the motive was primarily financial; dining cars were very expensive to operate and never recouped their operating costs from food sales. This was about the time that Southern was starting to actively try to shed its unwanted passenger trains; the removal of on-board food service may have been part of that strategy. At least the Frisco continued to offer full dining and lounge service on their portion of the train's run.

From the pages of the Official Guide, April 1961

St. Louis-San Francisco Ry. (Frisco Lines) heraldSouthern Ry. System herald

The  Kansas City-Florida Special

St. Louis-San Francisco Ry. Co. (Frisco Lines)
Southern Railway System
February 26, 1961

105 Train Number 106
Daily Miles (Frisco Lines) Services Daily
11 15P Dp 0.0 Kansas City, MO (CT) C R Ar 7 20A
F11 59P 42.2 Paola, KS C F 6 25A
12 57A Ar 97.9 Fort Scott, KS C Dp 5 20A
1 02A Dp Ar 5 15A
1 47A 138.0 Lamar, MO C 4 28A
3 00A Ar 201.3 Springfield, MO C R Dp 3 00A
3 30A Dp Ar 2 15A
F 4 28A 248.3 Mansfield, MO C F 1 03A
F 4 57A 268.9 Mountain Grove, MO C F12 32A
F 5 10A 278.5 Cabool, MO C F12 18A
F 5 30A 292.7 Willow Springs, MO C F11 56P
F 6 01A 313.8 West Plains, MO C 11 27P
6 33A Ar 339.3 Thayer, MO C Dp 10 50P
6 38A Dp Ar 10 40P
7 56A 397.5 Hoxie, AR C 9 15P
8 29A 419.5 Jonesboro, AR C 8 47P
10 10A Ar 483.9 Memphis, TN C R Dp 7 15P
10 40A Dp Ar 6 30P
F11 34A 529.2 Holly Springs, MS C F 5 10P
12 11P 563.5 New Albany, MS C 4 34P
12 48P 589.3 Tupelo, MS C R 4 04P
1 15P Ar 612.3 Amory, MS Dp 3 30P
1 25P Dp Ar 3 20P
F 1 53P 635.9 Sulligent, AL C F 2 37P
2 13P 656.5 Winfield, AL C 2 13P
2 42P 675.9 Carbon Hill, AL C 1 42P
3 08P 694.9 Jasper, AL C 1 14P
4 25P Ar 737.0 Birmingham, AL C R Dp 12 05P
8 Continuing Train Number (Southern) 7
4 40P Dp 737.0 Birmingham, AL C Ar 11 30A
F 5 34P 771.6 Pell City, AL C F10 16A
6 12P Ar 800.9 Anniston, AL (See Note) C Dp 9 35A
6 22P Dp Ar 9 23A
F 6 49P 819.4 Heflin, AL (CT) C 8 57A
8 25P 840.7 Tallapoosa, GA (ET) C 9 25A
8 50P 850.9 Bremen, GA C 9 04A
F 9 00P 858.7 Temple, GA F 8 51A
F 9 12P 866.0 Villa Rica, GA C F 8 40A
F 9 26P 876.9 Douglasville, GA C F 8 25A
F 9 37P 885.4 Austell, GA F 8 13A
10 25P Ar 902.8 Atlanta, GA (Terminal Sta.) C R M Dp 7 45A
7 Continuing Train Number 8
10 45P Dp 902.8 Atlanta, GA (Terminal Sta.) C R M Ar M 6 45A
12 50A Ar 991.1 Macon, GA C R Dp 4 20A
1 05A Dp Ar 4 00A
2 02A 1029.8 Cochran, GA C 2 45A
2 37A 1048.4 Eastman, GA C 2 11A
F 2 54A 1057.9 Chauncey, GA F 1 54A
3 06A 1067.7 Helena, GA C 1 40A
3 16A 1068.9 McRae, GA C 1 31A
F 3 23A 1073.7 Scotland, GA F 1 20A
3 42A 1085.5 Lumber City, GA C 12 59A
3 55A 1092.8 Hazlehurst, GA C 12 45A
F 4 03A 1098.9 Graham, GA F12 34A
4 22A 1108.7 Baxley, GA C 12 13A
F 4 36A 1118.1 Surrency, GA F12 01A
F 4 50A 1129.2 Odum, GA F11 46P
5 10A Ar 1138.8 Jesup, GA C Dp 11 30P
7 Brunswick Section 8
5 40A Dp 1138.8 Jesup, GA C Ar 11 00P
F 1145.6 Gardi, GA F
F 6 00A 1148.5 Pendarvis, GA
F 6 11A 1155.7 Mt. Pleasant, GA
6 19A 1159.4 Everett, GA
7 10A Ar 1178.4 Brunswick, GA (ET) C Dp 9 25P
107 Jacksonville Section 108
5 30A Dp 1138.8 Jesup, GA C Ar 11 00P
7 30A Ar 1234.3 Jacksonville, FL (ET) C R Dp 9 20P
1 Connecting Train Number (Florida East Coast) 6
8 25A Dp 0 Jacksonville, FL (ET) C R Ar 7 15P
1 53P Ar 299 West Palm Beach, FL C R Dp 1 20P
3 55P Ar 366 Miami, FL (ET) C R Dp 11 30A
57-157-257 Connecting Train Number (Seaboard Air Line) 258-158-58
9 15A Dp 0.0 Jacksonville, FL (ET) C R Ar 4 05P
1 30P Ar 210.7 Tampa, FL C R Dp 11 30A
3 15P Ar 264.6 St. Petersburg, FL (ET) C R Dp 9 45A
3 55P Ar 279.1 Sarasota, FL (ET) C R Dp 9 00A

Train 105-8-7-107 (Kansas City-Jacksonville): 46 stops, 31:15, 39.5 MPHTrain 108-8-7-106 (Jacksonville-Kansas City): 46 stops, 35:00, 35.3 MPH

Train 7 (Atlanta-Brunswick): 17 stops, 8:25, 32.7 MPHTrain 8 (Brunswick-Atlanta): 14 stops, 9:10, 30.1 MPH

NOTE for No. 8 at Anniston, AL: "Box dinner available on notice to conductor."
NOTE for No. 8-7 at Atlanta, GA: "Breakfast may be obtained in dining room, Atlanta Terminal Restaurant."

(Frisco Lines Notes)


Regularly assigned passenger carrying cars
are lightweight and streamlined.

Sleeping Cars—

Between Kansas City and Jacksonville—(14 Roomettes, 4 Double Bedrooms). Car F-68 southbound; car S-68 northbound.

Southbound, sleepers ready for occupancy at Kansas City 10:00 p.m.; northbound, sleepers may be occupied at Kansas City until 8:00 a.m.

Lounge Cars—
Between Springfield and Birmingham.
Between Jacksonville and Miami. (On connecting train.)
Between Jacksonville and Tampa-St. Petersburg. (On connecting train.)

Dining Cars—
Between Springfield and Birmingham.
Between Jacksonville and Miami. (On connecting train.)
Between Jacksonville and Tampa-St. Petersburg. (On connecting train.)

Southern Ry. Dinette-Coach—
Between Birmingham and Atlanta.

Reclining Chair Cars—
Between Kansas City and Jacksonville (Seats free).
Between Jacksonville and Miami. (On connecting train.)
Between Jacksonville and Tampa-St. Petersburg-Sarasota. (On connecting train.)

Passenger Carrying Equipment Air-Conditioned . . . All Trains Daily

(Southern Ry. Notes)

All Southern Railway System Trains Diesel-Powered

Coach and Pullman
Kansas City-Jacksonville

Reclining Seat Coaches—
Kansas City-Jacksonville.


Sleeping Cars—
South North Between Type
F-68 S-68 Kansas City-Jacksonville 14 Roomette, 4 Double Bedroom
(Placed 10:00 p.m. and until 8:00 a.m. Kansas City, also northbound until 7:00 a.m. Atlanta.)
51 51 Atlanta-Brunswick 10 Section, Drawing-room, 2 Compartment
(Placed 10:00 p.m. and until 7:30 a.m. at Atlanta.)

The Southern Railway would continue to operate the Birmingham-Jacksonville portion of this train through (at least) August of 1963, but by the time of my October 1964 guide through service between Kansas City and Florida had ended. The Kansas City-Brunswick service remained, but passengers for Florida had to transfer to either the South Wind or the City of Miami (on alternate days) in Birmingham—after a six hour layover.