Track 11 - International Favorites
(Europe and Others)

Here I pay tribute to a very few of the many, many fine rail passenger services to be found outside of North America. Instead of the Official Guide, my primary reference here is Cook's Continental Timetable (and its successors, Cook's European Timetable and Cook's Overseas Timetable). Many thanks to Thomas Cook, Ltd., for giving me permission to reproduce their timetable information here.


The Trains:

The Indian Pacific

The Australian transcontinental flagship, connecting Sydney on the Pacific coast with Perth on the Indian Ocean coast by way of Adelaide, in South Australia.
Indian Pacific - May, 1988

The Lappland Arrow (Lapplandspilen)

Service between the Norwegian port city of Narvik (well north of the Arctic Circle) and Malmö, on the southern coast of Sweden. Operated by the Swedish state railways.
Lappland Arrow (Lapplandspilen) - December, 1975

The Orient Express

The most famous named train in the world connected Paris with Istanbul by way of Munich, Vienna, and Budapest.
Orient Express/Ostend-Vienna-Orient Express - August 1939
Orient Express - Summer 2009

The Ost-West Express

The USSR sponsored this train which linked Western Europe (London, Paris) with Berlin, Warsaw and Moscow in the East.
Ost-West Express - May, 1971

The Rheingold

Trans-Europe Express service from Amsterdam and Hook of Holland to Geneva, with connecting service to Milan and Munich.
The Rheingold - February, 1968

The Simplon-Orient Express

This member of the Orient Express franchise connected Paris, Athens, and Istanbul by way of the southern route through Switzerland and Italy, with a section for Naples and Rome.
Simplon-Orient Express - October, 1960

The Tokaido & Sanyo Shinkansen

The original "bullet trains", providing very frequent and very fast service between Tokyo, Osaka, and Hakata.
Tokaido & Sanyo Shinkansen - December, 1995

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