By 1943 the United States was well and truly gearing up for the war. Automobile production had been suspended, tires and gasoline were strictly rationed, and millions of young men were serving in the Armed Forces. One of the major nerve centers of the US military was and is the Navy base and Marine barracks at Norfolk, Virginia. Many thousands of young sailors and Marines were stationed there, and I think I can safely say that without exception one of the things they all looked forward to was their annual leave or a coveted three-day pass. For the many of them who lived in the Northeast, the logical way to get home for a break would be this service along the Eastern Shore of Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia operated by the Pennsylvania Railroad.

You should note (since I've been called on it) that not every train on this website is a streamliner, and this train (especially during wartime) was definitely one of those that was not. In point of fact, to keep up with the demand for traffic Pennsy and the other railroads were operating every piece of equipment that could run, including quite a few that would have been sent to the scrappers as junk just a few years previously. The Del-Mar-Va Express during this time period would not have been much of a feast for the eyes—but it would get you to where you were going.

From the pages of the Official Guide, October 1943

Pennsylvania Railroad Keystone herald

The  Del-Mar-Va Express

Pennsylvania Railroad
October 3, 1943

109 Connecting Train Number
7 30A Dp 0.0 New York, NY (Penna. Sta.) (ET) C R
7 45A 10.0 Newark, NJ C R
9 00A 85.9 North Philadelphia, PA C
9 09A Philadelphia, PA (30th St. Sta.) C R
9 38A Ar 118.1 Wilmington, DE T C
455 Train Number 454
Daily Miles Services Daily
0.0 New York, NY (Penna. Sta.) (ET) C R Ar 9 15P
10.0 Newark, NJ C R 8 59P
58.1 Trenton, NJ C R 8 11P
85.9 North Philadelphia, PA C 7 43P
9 10A Dp 91.4 Philadelphia, PA (Broad St. Sta.) (ET) C R
9 16A Philadelphia, PA (30th St. Sta.) C R Dp 7 33P
Ar 7 32P
9 35A 104.8 Chester, PA C R
9 51A Ar 118.1 Wilmington, DE T C Dp 7 00P
120 Connecting Train Number 177
7 00A Dp 0.0 Washington, DC (ET) C R Ar 9 25P
7 43A 40.1 Baltimore, MD C R 8 41P
8 44A Ar 108.5 Wilmington, DE T C Dp 7 40P
10 03A Dp 118.1 Wilmington, DE T C Ar 6 52P
10 36A 142.9 Middletown, DE T C 6 16P
10 55A 154.9 Clayton, DE (Smyrna) T C 5 59P
11 11A 165.7 Dover, DE T C 5 43P
11 33A 182.5 Harrington, DE T C 5 23P
11 49A 195.1 Bridgeville, DE T C
12 00P 202.3 Seaford, DE T C 4 54P
12 10P 208.5 Laurel, DE T C
12 20P Ar 215.4 Delmar, DE T C Dp 4 32P
12 27P Dp Ar 4 18P
12 42P 221.3 Salisbury, MD T C 4 08P
1 06P 234.4 Princess Anne, MD T C 3 47P
1 24P 246.3 Pocomoke, MD T C 3 28P
1 36P 255.7 Lecato, VA T C 3 15P
1 51P 267.8 Parksley, VA T C 2 56P
2 04P 273.4 Tasley, VA T C 2 46P
F 2 06P 275.1 Onley, VA T C
2 15P 280.6 Keller, VA T C 2 29P
2 26P 287.4 Exmore, VA T C 2 18P
291.7 Nassawadox, VA T C F 2 08P
2 43P 301.4 Eastville, VA T C 1 57P
3 00P Ar 310.4 Cape Charles, VA (ET) T C Dp 1 40P
Connecting Steamer Service
3 20P Dp 310.4 Cape Charles, VA T C Ar 1 20P
5 20P 334.4 Old Point Comfort, VA C 11 20A
6 20P Ar 346.4 Norfolk, VA (ET) C Dp 10 20A

Train 455 (Philadelphia-Cape Charles): 21 stops, 5:50, 37.5 MPHTrain 454 (Cape Charles-New York): 21 stops, 7:35, 40.9 MPH

NOTE: No baggage service on connecting train New York to Wilmington.

Serving The Nation


(Coaches on All Trains)

No. 455—Del-Mar-Va Express—Dining Car Philadelphia to Cape Charles.

Meals are served on steamers between Cape Charles and Norfolk.



(Coaches on all Trains.)

No. 454—Del-Mar-Va Express—Dining Car Cape Charles to New York.

Meals are served on steamers between Norfolk and Cape Charles.