The Sam Houston Zephyr was one of two regional streamliners offering express passenger service between Dallas and Houston, the other being the Southern Pacific's Sunbeam. It originally operated with one of the shovel-nose articulated trainsets built for the Twin Zephyrs of 1935. That original trainset was destroyed by fire in 1944 while Rock Island (which jointly owned the Fort Worth-Houston line and switched off  its management every five years) was in charge of the line, whereupon Rock Island and Burlington introduced "new" (or, at least, new to this route) equipment to cover the duties of the Sam Houston Zephyr and to supplant the former Texas Rocket with the new Twin Star Rocket (see that page for more details). 

From the pages of the Official Guide, August 1950

Burlington Route herald

The Sam Houston Zephyr

Burlington Route (Fort Worth & Denver)
May 28, 1950

3 Train Number 4
Daily Miles Services Daily
4 00P Dp 0.0 Fort Worth, TX (Texas & Pacific Sta.) (CT) C R Ar 1 25P
4 45P Ar 33.6 Dallas, TX (Union Depot) C R Dp 12 42P
5 00P Dp Ar 12 37P
5 39P 64.3 Waxahachie, TX C 11 51A
6 09P 95.4 Corsicana, TX C 11 23A
6 39P Ar 131.1 Teague, TX C Dp 10 50A
6 40P Dp Ar 10 47A
9 00P Ar 283.1 Houston, TX (Union Station) (CT) C R Dp 8 35A

Train 3: 4 stops, 5:00, 56.6 MPHTrain 4: 4 stops, 4:50, 58.6 MPH


The Zephyr is not an extra fare train, but all seats - both coach and parlor - are reserved; individually assigned in advance, and sold by number.

Dining-Parlor Car and Chair Cars.

Houston to Dallas-Fort Worth.
Dining Car service for all meals.

Dining-Parlor Car and Chair Cars.

Fort Worth-Dallas to Houston.
Dining Car service for all meals.