This is the final timetable I have for the overnight Lark. By June, 1968 the train would disappear from the Southern Pacific's time card.

From the pages of the Official Guide, March 1968

Southern Pacific Lines herald

The Lark

Southern Pacific Lines
October 1, 1967

Connecting Bus Service
8 30P Dp 0 Oakland, CA (16th St.) (PT) Ar 9 05A
8 50P Ar 6 San Francisco, CA (3rd St.) (PT) Dp 8 40A
76 Train Number 75
Daily Miles Services Daily
9 00P Dp 0 San Francisco, CA (3rd St.) (PT) C R Ar 8 30A
9 28P 16 Burlingame, CA C 7 59A
9 57P 30 Palo Alto, CA C 7 37A
10 15P Ar 47 San Jose, CA C R Dp 7 13A
10 28P Dp Ar 6 55A
11 29P Ar 97 Watsonville Junction, CA C Dp 5 48A
11 35P Dp Ar 5 40A
12 05A 114 Salinas, CA C 5 19A
1 46A 212 Paso Robles, CA C X 3 29A
3 08A Ar 248 San Luis Obispo, CA X Dp 2 25A
3 18A Dp Ar 2 15A
F 3 50A 273 Guadalupe, CA C X F 1 28A
F 4 20A 299 Surf, CA X F12 55A
5 36A Ar 367 Santa Barbara, CA C R Dp 11 44P
5 43A Dp Ar 11 34P
6 26A 394 Ventura, CA C R 10 45P
6 41A 404 Oxnard, CA C 10 23P
8 05A 464 Glendale, CA C R 9 20P
8 30A Ar 470 Los Angeles, CA (Union Station) (PT) C R Dp 9 00P

Train 76 (San Francisco-Los Angeles): 13 stops, 11:30, 40.9 MPHTrain 75 (Los Angeles-San Francisco): 13 stops, 11:30, 40.9 MPH



Sleeping Car—San Francisco-Los Angeles. (Roomettes, Bedrooms.)

Meal and Beverage Service—San Francisco-Los Angeles. (Free Continental Breakfast for Pullman Passengers.)

Chair Cars—San Francisco-Los Angeles.

    For California intrastate passengers only, chair car seats may be reserved at nominal charge. See Note A.

    Pillow service available at nominal charge.

Baggage—No checked service to or from Paso Robles, San Luis Obispo, Guadalupe or Surf.

Note A - For California intrastate passengers. Reserved Seat Charge of $1.00 is made for each chair car seat occupied by adult or child of any age between San Francisco and Los Angeles; proportionate charges to and from intermediate points.


Don't overlook using S.P.'s free self-service luggage carts located in front of the station or at trainside. They're there for your convenience and economy. Just load your luggage, release the hand brake, and away you go.