The 20th Century Limited would operate as a coach-and-Pullman train from April, 1958 onwards. In 1959, "Sleepercoach" service (Budd-built Slumbercoaches) would debut, offering [very!] small private room accommodations at modest prices. But the Century would join the list of premium trains to be downgraded or withdrawn in 1967; with very little advance warning, the last 20th Century Limited would depart Grand Central Terminal on December 2 of that year.

From the pages of the Official Guide, June 1967

New York Central System herald

The 20th Century Limited

New York Central System
April 30, 1967

25 Train Number 26
Daily Miles Services Daily
6 00P Dp 0.0 New York, NY (Grand Central Tml.) (ET) Ar 9 30A
R 6 46P 32.7 Croton-Harmon, NY
D 8 34A
R 8 43P 142.2 Albany, NY R D 6 33A
R10 56P 289.5 Syracuse, NY R
F 5 55A 727.1 Toledo, OH
F 9 10P
F 7 59A 860.2 Elkhart, IN (ET)
F 7 20P
F 7 25A 875.2 South Bend, IN (CT)
F 5 59P
F 8 16A 934.6 Gary, IN
F 5 06P
D 8 42A 954.1 Chicago, IL (Englewood Sta.)
R 4 46P
9 00A Ar 960.7 Chicago, IL (La Salle St. Sta.) (CT) R Dp 4 30P

Train 25: 8 stops, 16:00, 60.0 MPHTrain 26: 7 stops, 16:00, 60.0 MPH

Note: Schedules shown herein conform with the Uniform Time Act of 1966, which provides that the Standard Time of each Zone be advanced one hour. Arrival and departure times in areas that have exempted themselves from the Law are one hour earlier than shown herein. [In other words, all times shown are Daylight Savings time.]

Note: The Twentieth Century Limited does not carry checked baggage.

Unless otherwise indicated all cars, including Sleeping and Parlor Cars, are New York Central operated.

No. 25—Westbound.
No. 26—Eastbound.
Twentieth Century Limited—Daily.

Observation Lounge Sleeping Car (Beverages)...New York and Chicago - Double Bedrooms.

Lounge Car (Beverages).

Sleeping Cars—

New York and Chicago—Roomettes, Double Bedrooms. (Two Cars.)


NEW YORK AND CHICAGO (Single and Double Rooms).

Dining Service.


New York and Chicago—Reclining Seat—All Seats Reserved—Porter Service.