The Trail Blazer was Pennsy's all-coach entry in the New York to Chicago market. It carried premium cars such as an observation and a club lounge, and it operated on a hot 18 hour schedule which was just a slight step down from the Broadway Limited and the General.

From the pages of the Official Guide, March 1946

Pennsylvania RR Keystone herald

The Trail Blazer

Pennsylvania Railroad
March 1, 1946

77 Train Number 76
Daily Miles Services Daily
4 55P Dp 0.0 New York, NY (Penna. Sta.) (ET) C Ar 10 30A
R 5 10P 10.0 Newark, NJ C D10 09A
R 6 22P 85.9 North Philadelphia, PA C D 8 54A
R 6 54P 111.4 Paoli, PA C D 8 23A
R 7 43P 159.3 Lancaster, PA C
R 8 20P Ar 194.6 Harrisburg, PA T C Dp D 7 00A
R 8 40P Dp Ar D 6 47A
11 11P Ar 325.4 Altoona, PA T C Dp D 4 20A
11 15P Dp Ar D 4 16A
1 47A Ar 439.3 Pittsburgh, PA C Dp 1 36A
1 52A Dp Ar 1 29A
541.0 Canton, OH C 11 21P
5 35A Ar 614.6 Mansfield, OH C Dp 9 54P
5 37A Dp Ar 9 53P
5 57A Ar 628.1 Crestline, OH C Dp 9 34P
6 02A Dp Ar 9 29P
7 08A 700.2 Lima, OH (ET) C 8 16P
7 10A Ar 759.7 Fort Wayne, IN (CT) C Dp 6 15P
7 15A Dp Ar 6 10P
823.9 Plymouth, IN C RF 5 10P
D 9 14A 882.7 Gary, IN RF 4 09P
D 9 34A 900.7 Chicago, IL (Englewood Sta) C 3 49P
9 55A Ar 907.7 Chicago, IL (Union Sta.) (CT) C R Dp 3 30P

Train 77 (New York-Chicago): 13 stops; 18:00; 50.4 MPHTrain 76 (Chicago-New York): 14 stops; 18:00; 50.4 MPH

Serving the Nation


(All Seats Reserved.)

Coaches...New York to Chicago—(Reclining Seats).

Observation Lounge Coach (Buffet)....New York to Chicago.

Club Lounge Coach (Buffet)...New York to Chicago.

Dining Car...New York to Chicago.

Coaches on all trains, except Nos. 49, 59 & 61.


(All Seats Reserved.)

Coaches...Chicago to New York—(Reclining Seats).

Observation Lounge Coach (Buffet)....Chicago to New York.

Club Lounge Coach (Buffet)...Chicago to New York.

Dining Car...Chicago to New York.

(Coaches on all trains, except in Nos. 58 & 60.)